Clear, Coloured . . . Glass replacement Glass replacement Glass cut to size Glass cut to size Frameless glass installs Frameless glass installs Comm aluminium fabrication Comm aluminium fabrication Aluminium bi-fold doors Aluminium bi-fold doors Mirrors Mirrors Glass for Furniture Glass for Furniture Pool fences Pool fences Showerscreens Showerscreens Patterned glass Patterned glass We try to make ordering glass for your furniture as simple as possible.  So, if you are able to take accurate measurements of your table top etc. just call us and you can order your glass over the phone.  A deposit payment at time of order will be required.  If you are not comfortable in performing the measuring yourself, we do offer a measure service - at an additional cost of course.  However, if you take some rough measurements we can still provide you with a price indication over the phone to get you started.  There are three things you will need to decide on - 1. Type of glass - choose from clear, ultra clear, grey, bronze 	 2. Type of edge work - arrised only, polished or bevelled 3. Types of corners  - square corners or radius (refer pictures on right)  4. If you want toughened glass or not. THEN CALL 3
Types of Corners
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Glass is a great way to  not only protect your  surfaces but add a stylish  design touch as well.  At  Glass Reflections we offer  a full range of glass  options, including different  colours, textures, edge  finished etc.  We can also  advise you on the best  selection for your propsed  usage.
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